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The Risks of File Sharing: Is Your Office Technology Up To The Challenge?

Document Security_Technology Solutions

When it comes to office technology, one of IT’s biggest challenges today is employees sharing files online. With a plethora of cloud-based storage tools available it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to govern file sharing.

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Corporate Responsibility 101: Why Cause Marketing matters to consumers and how to get it right

cause marketing_corporate responsibility

While corporate responsibility makes consumers and employees take notice of brands, “cause marketing” gives it a heart through co-branded products, brand sponsorship of special events, volunteering and donating.

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International Women’s Day: Why Gender Parity Should Be In Your Corporate Responsibility Agenda

International Women's Day_corporate responsiblity

“Be Bold For Change” is the theme of International Women’s Day on March 8. Is your organisation bold enough to take action and be part of the change?

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Positive Ageing: Creating Aged Care Lifestyle Programs That Matter

Aged care_laged care ifestyle programs

Aged care lifestyle programs could hold the key to the quest for positive ageing, proving once and for all that “you’re only as old as you feel”.

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7 Workplace Kitchen Supplies Proven to Boost Employee Happiness and Productivity

Employee Productivity_Kitchen Supplies

It’s official: a fully stocked kitchen increases productivity and boosts morale. According to Staples 2016 Workplace Index , three in four employees view the workplace kitchen as more than just a place to get coffee.

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Is your Business Technology Doing Enough to Combat Email Security Threats?

Email security_technology solutions

With two in three emails circulating the globe containing unwanted content, ranging from spam to malware, investing in business technology has never been more crucial for Australian businesses.

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7 Reasons Buying Australian Made Should Be In Your Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

Buying Australian-made_corporate social responsibility

No matter how large the organisation, if you’re in Australia it’s important to support local businesses by making buying Australian an integral part of your corporate social responsibility policy.

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Then And Now: How Business Technology Has Changed The Office As You Know It

business technology_office evolution

From fax machines to smartphones. Typewriters to laptops. And floppy disks to USBs. The evolution of business technology is forever changing the way we work and do business.

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Office Solutions And Ideas To Help Employees Survive The Return To Work Blues

ReturnToWork_Office Solutions

You might notice a lack of motivation, energy and productivity as employees return to work. After all, the post-holiday blues is a real experience and can make it hard to settle back into a daily work routine.

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How Staples Office Solutions Put the Customer First and Enhance Customer Experience

Office Solutions_Customer Experience

How to create and maintain a good customer experience is at the forefront of any strategic businesses mind though how to put the customer first is the challenge.

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