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2 Million and Change Results + Why Corporate Responsibility Makes Good Business Sense

2 Million in Change Winners_Corporate Responsibility

The results are in for Staples’ 2 Million & Change program! We are proud to announce the local charities voted by our employees to receive the 2016 fund grants are Children’s Medical Research Institute/Jeans for Genes, Redkite and AIME.

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How To Up Your Corporate Responsibility and Embrace National Recycling Week

Corporate Responsibility_National Recycling Week

As our population continues to grow, so does our waste. Australians produce around 50 million tonnes of waste each year.

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6 Reasons To Get Involved In Supplier Diversity September

Supplier Diversity_Supply Nation

As industry leaders in Corporate Responsibility and a founding member of Supply Nation, we are proud to support Supply Nation’s third campaign.

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How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Retain And Motivate Millennials In The Workforce

Corporate Social Responsibility_Workplace Millenials

If there’s one question looming over organisations today, it’s “how can we attract and retain younger talent in the workplace?”

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Meet 7 Office Solutions That Are Everyday Workplace Heroes

Office Solutions_Workplace Heroes

When it comes to a happy, healthy and productive workplace, these workplace heroes make all the difference.

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4 Reasons Why Every Workplace Should Choose UTZ Certified Kitchen Products

Kitchen products_UTZ certified

Today, consumers and employees want to know where their kitchen products come from. They want to know that what they eat and drink doesn’t exploit the workforce or damage the environment.

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Is your business closing the loop on Australian made recycled paper?

Australian Paper_Recycled Paper

Is your business closing the loop on Australian made recycled paper? Australian Papers celebrate their one year anniversary since opening of the first wastepaper and recycling plant this month – a significant step and industry innovation in local paper production.

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Earth Day: 5 Ways You Can Help Sustain The Environment

Earth Day_sustain the environment

The renowned corporate and community initiative Earth Day is just around the corner and regardless of what sustainable measures your workplace already engages in, there is always room to do more.

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Infographic: Update on Toner Cartridge Cart Collect Process

Toner collect process_office consumables

Engaging in recycled toner cartridge programs is one way to sustain the environment and reduce the number of cartridges sent to landfill. Cart Collect is a 100% recycled program that recycles used cartridges into staplers and calculators.

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It’s good for the planet, the economy and your team

Planet Ark, recycling, paper

If your workplace is like most others in Australia you will be recycling your used office paper. But only about one in five reams of copy paper sold in Australia has significant recycled content.

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