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5 Consumer Cleaning Trends Disrupting Workplace Facility Solutions in 2017

Convenience is non-negotiable, fragrances are becoming more exotic, and multi-purpose products are on the rise; these are just three consumer cleaning trends leading the way for workplace facility solutions in 2017.

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Positive Ageing: Creating Aged Care Lifestyle Programs That Matter

Aged care_laged care ifestyle programs

Aged care lifestyle programs could hold the key to the quest for positive ageing, proving once and for all that “you’re only as old as you feel”.

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7 Workplace Kitchen Supplies Proven to Boost Employee Happiness and Productivity

Employee Productivity_Kitchen Supplies

It’s official: a fully stocked kitchen increases productivity and boosts morale. According to Staples 2016 Workplace Index , three in four employees view the workplace kitchen as more than just a place to get coffee.

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Why Washroom Maintenance Matters and How Commercial Cleaning Supplies Help

Commercial cleaning supplies_washroom maintainence

There’s no doubt washroom maintenance is recognised by facility managers as an important daily task. But many may not realise how far the impacts of a clean, well-maintained washroom spread.

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Which Kitchen Supplies Are Brewing And Top Tea Trends Creating A Stir

Herbal tea trends_kitchen supplies

Australia may be one of the world’s greatest coffee drinking nations, but change is brewing and the humble cup of tea is rapidly regaining popularity.

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How Microfibre Solutions Prevent the Spread of Infections in Aged Care Facilities

Aged Care_Microfibre Solutions

As a group, residents of aged care facilities have weaker immune systems and are far more susceptible to infections. Aged care cleaning protocols need to focus on infection control, specifically to prevent outbreaks of norovirus gastroenteritis,

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Tips To Eliminate 5 Germ Hotspots In The Kitchen Using Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Germ hotspots_Commerical cleaning supplies

Employees will do almost anything to avoid a dirty workplace kitchen and spend more than two days a year, on average, avoiding germ-infested spots in their workplace.

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Solving the Continence Challenge in Aged Care and How Continence Products Can Help

Continence Products_Aged Care

With the incidence of incontinence increasing, aged care providers are facing a mounting challenge: how can they stem the cost of incontinence while also improving resident care?

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7 Beverage Trends To Tap Into For Kitchen Supplies

Beverage trends_Kitchen Supplies

Beverage trends don’t come out of nowhere; they are driven by wider consumer needs and behaviours, like growing health-consciousness or the need for food and drink “on the go”.

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What To Consider When Designing An Aged Care Lifestyle Program And How Aged Care Products Can Help

Aged Care Residents_Aged Care Products

The range of lifestyle programs available to residents has expanded in recent years, as an increasing number of aged care providers are recognising how they improve residents’ physical health, mental wellbeing and their social engagement.

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