Transforming Spaces into Experiences

With more than three decades of design industry expertise, our Business Interiors business helps create dynamic commercial spaces with intelligent furniture solutions. We partner with businesses in a range of sectors including commercial, health, government and education to deliver furniture solutions for both small and large projects across Australia and New Zealand


Whether your business is an office, aged-care facility or classroom, the Business Interiors approach towards supplying furniture is consciously informed by the way a space will be occupied and the desired experience intended.

Intelligent furniture solutions for dynamic spaces

Our Business Interiors team understand the challenges of fostering connection and collaboration, and the need for spaces to service diverse workplace demographics. We help create the culture and conditions needed to retain visitors and staff, as well as improve their performance, productivity, mobility, health and wellbeing. Our range of high quality furniture, from leading European and Australian brands, represent the very best in ergonomics, craftsmanship, innovation, durability and environmental sustainability.

Project Management

Our Business Interiors project managers are committed to providing clients with continuity in service, high quality product performance and successful project outcomes. Our agile processes ensure projects are delivered seamlessly, while maintaining a level of flexibility to ensure our ability to adapt to meet project demands. We support clients with project programme and milestone management, budget, schedule and quality management, site visits and final walk-throughs, and delivery and installation coordination.

Responsible Manufacturing

We partner with leading international, European and Australian furniture designers who manufacture furniture centred on quality, craftsmanship, longevity and environmental sustainability. Committed to providing the highest standards of quality and protecting and reducing our impact on the environment, we ensure our suppliers test to stringent certifications such as:

  • Green tag certificates
  • EN ISO 14001
  • Eco label
  • Green guard
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • GECA certified
  • FSC certified timbers
  • Recyclable content
  • ECO design
  • EMAS
  • AFS
  • LEED certification

Research and Development

The Business Interiors product team ensures all products are sourced from the world’s best furniture brands and interior trends to fulfill the demands of the Australian market. In order to stay abreast of the rapid changes in the industry, we carry out trend research, factory visits, quality testing and attend key industry events to identify new product innovation. We also work with industry leading furniture innovators to ensure our products meet the needs of today and the next generation.

Account Management

The Business Interiors’ team of account managers work with customers to help them re-imagine commercial spaces and execute their vision by harmonising their needs and the needs of the end user. Our account managers specify furniture solutions that meet project objectives, budgets and critical lead times, and manage every detail from on-site assessment to product selection, delivery and installation.


As Business Interior specialist’s, we understand commercial spaces need customisation to fit both design specifications and budgets. We help customers save in a variety of ways, from carefully planning project schedules to minimise delivery and assembly costs to placing product orders from a single source to maximise project efficiency and reduce excess expense.

Delivery, Assembly and Service

The Business Interiors businesses draws on the strength of Staples national distribution network to offer a fast delivery and assembly service. Our project management team carefully plan deliveries, arranging on-site access, requirements, contacts and assembly during or after business hours in line with project schedules and workplace health and safety policies.

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As industry leading business interior specialists, our aim is to increase productivity and efficiency, and transform these spaces into meaningful experiences. Inspired? Visit Business Interiors to view a range of case studies and our current collection.