Better break times are here

Keeping a well-stocked kitchen with the drinks and snacks your staff love can be good for business. Why? Employees say taking a short break is important to them and makes them more productive. But when they head to the kitchen, it's often bare. That's where Staples can help.

Recipe for success

Whether you stock your kitchen, your boardroom, have occasional catering needs, or all of the above, we can help you find the solution through the perfect product mix.

• Easily order coffee and tea, food and drinks, cleaning supplies, appliances, furniture, bins and more — all from one supplier.

• Choose sustainable hand towels, napkins and food packaging to show your commitment to sustainability.

• Given the greater likelihood now more than ever before to eat non-traditionally at breakfast there’s a lot of opportunity to stock your workplace kitchen with healthy, on-the-go breakfast options to please palates and fuel everyone’s workday.

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Perk up productivity

Whether they’re looking to indulge or need to stay on track, a variety of snacks and beverages is key to making more happen.

• Something to suit any taste, with classic favourites, healthy alternatives and energising options.

• A well-stocked kitchen means staff are less likely to seek snacks and drinks elsewhere and will spend less time off the premises.

Final ingredients

Once we understand exactly what you need to create the perfect kitchen, our super easy online ordering and next day delivery will see to it that the cupboards never go bare.

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