Managed Print Services

Staples Managed Print Services provides a complete print management program that monitors and maintains all the print devices. Start saving time and money and let your IT staff focus on more important issues.


Building a sustainable solution

At Staples, we can help you optimise your print environment with a smart, cost-effective and sustainable solution. With the ability to work with you to provide a scalable solution for the future.

We work with some of the largest vendors in the hardware, software and financial services space to provide you a solution that not only provides you with best in class infrastructure, but the ability to control your costs and improve your organizational workflow.

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Managed Print

Our 4-phase process

Assessment, implementation, management, and optimization — our 4-phase process is designed to help you cut costs, print more efficiently and ensure that all of your devices stay up and running, so you can be even more productive.

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Document Management

There are various ways within a business to save both time and money, with the management of documents and the workflow associated being one of them.

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Document Management